Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Damn Computers II

In an earlier post I grumbled a bit about how computers can be very frustrating...

here is another one for the collection!

Chrome v Internet Explorer 9

As described in the previous post I have just upgraded my PC. Now generally my experience with Windows is that when new, computers are quite quick but with time they seem to slow down and will eventually take 30 mins just to turn on. There is a school of thought that this is an inbuilt Microsoft conspiracy to ensure you keep upgrading your operating system when they release a new one - which seems to be every second week at the moment. The other theory is that in time you install more software that want to do things for you without asking (why does Adobe think I need it to check for updates every 5 mins). 

Wanting to not clutter my new machine I am resisting installing anything that is not essential at the moment. I declined the 'trial' version of the latest Microsoft Office suite during the install of the o/s. This caused a problem when I quickly wanted to jot some numbers down in a spreadsheet. Rather than install my old licenced version of Office 2000, I downloaded the free Open Office and was very impressed - seamless integration with Microsoft Office so no issues you won't be able to read files others send you and it basically looks the same - I think I will be sticking with that from now on.

I also resisted downloading the Firefox browser and stuck with IE, until now that is.

I wanted to reply to a blog post. Having spent a while composing the reply, I tried to submit it and got stuck in an endless loop of being prompted to log into my Google account. Having experienced things like this before, my first option these days is to try a different browser. I went for Chrome this time, just on the hunch that seeing Chrome was a Google offering, as is Blogger then it should work. And it did - first time.

Having developed a few web sites, these differences between browsers are a bit of a pain. You really have to test everything out for all scenarios these days. On the Kaggle leaderboard I'm getting different views depending on what browser I am using. In IE my team name is just in bold, in Firefox and Chrome the whole cell is red making it easier to spot me, which I think is the look that it intended.

Internet Explorer - no colouring of the cells

Chrome & Firefox - I think this is the intended look

Keyboard Issues

With this new PC, I am having trouble typing a single quote ( ' ), which is required quite a lot in programming. If I press the key once, nothing happens. I then press it again an two of them appear and I have to delete one to get the single quote required.

I'm sure there is a setting somewhere to prevent this as I've never had this issue before. Rather than me waste all day trying to figure it out, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance....

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