Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Some are saying this guy will win the #drflix prize

I suddenly started receiving emails saying I had a first visitor from Belguim, UK etc. What was all this about - I'd only told 2 people about this blog and was not ready to go public just yet.

A bit of data mining via the blog web stats pointed to twitter, and then I saw this on the HHP page next to the leaderboard. See the top post on the right hand side - I clicked on the link and was taken aback when it lead to this blog.

I'm not into twitter, so can someone explain what #drflix is?

The number of visitors is now 85 from 16 countries (about the same as the number of teams now entered) but the kitty is still empty, so I guess I need to start talking about data mining more to get some relevant adds. I'm also getting some error messages because of that web counter gadget, page loading slow because of video type things - it may have to go, when I get passed 100 visitors maybe.

As to who will win, Dave is looking pretty strong at the moment. He remains at the top - I knew I shouldn't have bragged to him about my early triumph. Meanwhile I am sitting at no. 23, tucked in the middle of the peleton.  Hope to tell you how I got their soon.

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  1. On Twitter, people can invent themes that are called "hashtags" because they start with a "#". For the Heritage Health Prize, #drflix was choosen. By using the same hashtag, you can see all discussion relating to that topic. The Twitter gadget on the site just searches for that particular hashtag.