Friday, 6 May 2011

Who needs the HERITAGE HEALTH PRIZE anyway?

Just been playing around with this blogging software and discovered that it wants to pay me. Not sure how this works (I presume writing HERITAGE HEALTH PRIZE everywhere will help?) and whether posting this post is breaking the agreement I just agreed to (something to do with not tricking people to click on the adds). Anyway, lets see if I can top $3 million in 2 years! Click away guys and girls.


The number of visitors will obviously have to increase...


I had a visitor (the one person I told),  as informed by the email below which came from the web counter you will see on the top right (which I discovered by clicking the 'next blog' button and saw on another blog).

Note in the email is a target add. Very clever - the person is from Australia and they want me to visit them!

Google just informed me my adds are up, with an email that says,

I guess google has some smart algorithm that determines relevance based on what I am gibbering on about. I think I will have to start talking about Data Mining and hopefully we will see some change. The first add I got was a bit worrying...


While I type another visitor. Hi Dave! And another email. Gee, their algorithm must have cost millions to develop. Can't wait for my first 'visit the South Pole' email.

UPDATE 3 - relevant adds?

This add probably getting a bit more relevant, it's a competition and only 3 zeros missing, otherwise spot on!

And this double add has picked where 2 of my 3 visitors have come from (although probably more likely it knows where I am), although I've no idea what the first is is advertising, the second has picked up on the word heritage. Pretty impressive so far - but still the kitty is empty!

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